Pastel color, third wave coffee, banal conversation, middle age. STILL LIFE is an ambient anthology series about millennial dystopia.


Think of the time a few months ago, when you were home alone at night. There was a warm breeze outside. Perhaps from a storm that hadn't yet arrived (perhaps the storm never came at all). But you were alone and there was nothing more to do. You'd already eaten and you weren't ready for bed so you opened your front door and stood there for a moment. You looked out onto the street which was quiet and empty, except for the breeze. You looked up to see if there were any stars but couldn't see any because of the clouds from the storm that probably never came.


You saw a cat across the street, staring at you, half hidden in a bush. Or maybe it was a neighbor carrying a large vase, who suddenly passed in front of their living room window.


In the distance you could hear the constant drone of the freeway and it was then, for a moment, that you felt a kind of wild energy. An excitement. Like you might finally start painting, or invest in a good home stereo system or perhaps get into your car and drive off, out of town to start a new life somewhere else.


Of course, you didn't do any of those things. At least not right then. You went back inside and most likely you watched something or looked at your phone or poured yourself a tall glass of milk.


Later on you went to bed and the next day maybe your family or your roommates came home from wherever they had been and you continued on with your life in the way it had been before. 


It's not like you're unhappy. Your life isn't so bad. It's even kind of nice. But every so often you remember that night when you were alone and didn't do any of the things you felt you could do.


Still Life is about that kind of feeling and other ones too.




Episode Zero (proof of concept) now available. 


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